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Wednesday, July 24, 2024.

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Crypto Trading 101

Introduction to Sentiment Trading

Educational Value

This game enables players to gain experience with the three basic trading decisions using real historical prices.*

This is a two-player game, but the second player is played by our trading algorithm. This ledger contains its past year of trades.


Your friend, Buddy, has taken a loss of 10.4% trading cyptocurrency this past year. But lately, he's been bragging about his profits. So, you challenged him to a competition.

You will both start with portfolios worth the same amount, make the same number of trading decisions, and use the same information. The one who profits most wins.

Three Levels


Every time Buddy makes a trade, he sends you a text message. He picks a cryptocurrency. Then you get to make one decision about your portfolio.

Portfolios can contain both US dollars and cryptocurrencies. Depending on what you have, you can buy, sell, or hold.

The game starts in the past and ends today. The largest portfolio wins. This morning's prices are used to determine the winner. In the rare event of a tie, it goes to your buddy.

Crypto Trading 201

Winners qualify for Crypto Trading 201, which is played in real time with 12 popular cryptocurrencies at real exchange prices.*

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